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Friday, June 27, 2008

the law of attraction

Today, i went to see my supervisor (PM Dr. Rosidah) regarding my chapter 5. As we were discussing, the topic of the law of attraction pop up. I remenber reading this best seller book tittle 'the secrect" by Rhonda Byrne. She discovery the "Secret" began with a glimpse of the truth through a 100 year old book. She went back through centuries, tracing and uncovering a common truth that lay at the core of the most powerful philosophies, teachings and religions in the world.

The Secret explains with simplicity the law that is governing all lives, and offers the knowledge of how to create - intentionally and effortlessly - a joyful life. This is the secret to everything - the secret to unlimited happiness, love, health and prosperity.

Law of Attraction Principles
The principles are very simple

· Our thoughts create our reality.
· What we are attached to emotionally and energetically expands.

There is an intellectual and emotional aspect to this natural law. You can transform your life by changing our thoughts, emotions and beliefs. Imagine what power you have. Some people may be a bit unsettled to learn this. Courage is needed to admit we actually do have control over our circumstances. With this wisdom, our stressors could be all but eliminated.

Before the law of attraction can be fully used, we need to explore and expand three areas.

1) Building self esteem. Changing negative circumstances requires feeling deserving enough to have a better life. Hang on tightly to the positive thoughts and feelings you have of yourself. Love yourself.

2) Developing wealth consciousness. Instead of wallowing in stress and misery, think and dream of your ideal life. Monetary wealth is only part of the mindset. Whatever brings you happiness, health and prosperity should envelope your thoughts and emotions. Focusing on what brings you joy will turnaround the bleakest of situations.

3) Expanding gratitude. No matter how bleak your life may appear, there is always something to be grateful for. The sound of children laughing, the warmth of the sunshine, flowers and nature are examples. Dwelling on what we are thankful for keeps the negative thoughts to a minimum

Using the law of attraction

You will achieve your goals, dreams and desires...

You will achieve your ‘Most Wanted’ reality...

You will ensure your success...

You will re-write your destiny...

You will gain admiration of friends and family

my opinion

Appying the law of attraction it totally worked for me. I learned by keeping my mind and positive feelings on my goal alone, I would change my negative situation. Whenever I thought about my problem, I would immediately switch my thinking to visualizing my doa and prayers, my goal and my happy family. I believed wholeheartedly it would come to be.

p/s thanks to nadia and nana my neighbour's daughter for giving me this book - the secret

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

tips of the day

Life is full of egoistic people and what is actually egoistic people?.

In islam ego can be defined as:

Ego is the Essence or the extract of the villainous world. It appears in three major forms in man's body.

"Enjoining-unto-Evil" (Ammarah-b-Ssoo)
"the Accusing Ego" (Lawwama)
"the Ego at-Peace" (Mutma'inna)

In human study, ego can be described as:

Ego is a description that many people will not admit to having but others can see and feel the air of arrogance in their presence. These individuals who have an over inflated sense of self misunderstand the real meaning of confidence or are just plain ignorant. Having a certain amount of pride is necessary but being stuck up is intolerable. Nobody likes to be around someone who acts and thinks that he is extremely superior.

When a person has an over inflated ego, he can hardly go far. If he does rise, it won't last long. The main reason is because he can't get any cooperation from those around him. He is a not pleasant person to work with because he doesn't want to listen. It's a pity when people don't realize that their attitudes are driving away their career advancements and relationships (Richard Rose, 2008)

How then do you deal with egoistic people?

1.You can ignore, avoid or totally cut them off from your life. Why hang around someone who is self-centered and selfish?

2.You can try to interrupt his patterns of speech and behavior. But before you do that, make sure you are skilled enough or you are going to get annoyed.

3.If you are in a position where you can't get away from an egoistic person, you can just watch and become interested. Try to figure out what it is that is going on inside his head when he speaks or behaves.

4.What do you think is he seeing inside his head? Can you tell what is his intention? He is probably trying to feel important and to gain attention. He may not realize this at all.
5.You will have lots of fun doing this and will learn more about him that he does.

6.The best thing you can do for yourself is not to allow this type of people to make you angry and affect your life. Take control of your own thoughts, emotions, behavior and attitudes.

Since you don't like this trait in others, ensure that you don't develop it.

Survey result

1. just smile ever so lightly and look at them in the eyes. then hopefully when they stop....they won't continue. they just want to be heard. nothing more. (22% voted this statement)

2. Short of being a nasty person and telling him off, you should try to minimize contact with such a person.(18%)

3.Walk away from them, they will get the pic that you really don't care.(16%)

"Praise be to God, Who hath guided us to this (felicity): never could we have found Guidance, had it not been for the Guidance of God." (7:43)

Monday, June 23, 2008

managing stress 2

modern way

1.Become a Good Listener

Being a good listener is one of life's important skills; it helps prevent misunderstanding and helps build friendships. Poor communication is a major cause of stress, so learn how to talk, write and listen effectively.

2.Take Breaks and Vacations

Remember, stress is often called the "fight or flight response." It's probably not a good idea to flee from problems; but it is often a good idea to take a break. Research shows that people who take regular breaks and vacations are more productive than those who work straight through without any breaks.

3.Get a Good Night's Sleep

A good night's sleep is also important for managing stress. Try to relax before sleeping to improve the quality of your sleep.

4.Learn To Relax Or Meditate

Relaxation doesn't come naturally, especially when you're under stress. Tension is part of the body's natural response to stress. You can significantly reduce the impact of stress by learning relaxation skills such as progressive muscle relaxation, meditation, massage, mental imagery, deep breathing or certain types of yoga.

5.Use Your Creativity

Yesterday's solutions probably won't solve the problems of tomorrow. We need to be creative—try new ways of solving problems. There is creativity within all of us. Bring out your creativity by experimenting, asking lots of questions, and playing around with ideas.

6.Laugh, Develop a Positive Sense Of Humor

Laughter may not be the "best" medicine, but it is a powerful tool for reducing stress and having a better quality of life. Laugh with people, not at them.

Combine this two methods insyallah

Managing Stress In Your Life

Stress is the emotional and physical strain caused by our response to pressure from the outside world. Common stress reactions include tension, irritability, inability to concentrate, and a variety of physical symptoms that include headache, blister and a fast heartbeat.

Islamic way

1. Leave the world behind you five times a day

Use the five daily prayers or solat as a means to become more Hereafter-oriented and less attached to this temporary world.

2.Seek help through Sabar

Seek help through Sabar and Salat (Quran 2:45). This instruction from Allah provides us with two critical tools that can ease our worries and pain. Patience and prayer are two often-neglected stressbusters. Sabr is often translated as patience but it is not just that. It includes self-control, perseverance, endurance, and a focussed struggle to achieve one’s goal. Unlike patience, which implies resignation, the concept of Sabr includes a duty to remain steadfast to achieve your goals despite all odds

3 Do Zikr, Allah, Allah!

"… without doubt in the remembrance (Zikr) of Allah do hearts find tranquility" (Quran 13:28).
If you commute, use your time in Zikr. Pick any Tasbeeh and do that instead of listening to the radio or reading the newspaper. Maybe you can divide it up between Zikr and planning. Personally, I recite the Tasbeeh of "Subhana Allahe wa be hamdihi, subhan Allahil Azeem" 100 times as I drive. The Prophet taught us these two short phrases which are easy to say but will weigh heavy on our scale of good deeds in the Hereafter.

4.Pray for Others to Heal Yourself.

The Prophet was always concerned about other people, Muslims and non-Muslims, and would regularly pray for them. Praying for others connects you with them and helps you understand their suffering. This in itself has a healing component to it. The Prophet has said that praying for someone who is not present increases love.

5. Make the Quran your Partner

Reading and listening to the Quran will help refresh our hearts and our minds. Recite it out loud or in a low voice. Listen to it in the car. When you are praying Nafl or extra prayers, pick it up and use it to recite portions of the Quran you are not as familiar with. Connecting to the Quran means connecting to God. Let it be a means to heal your heart of stress and worries. Invest in different recordings of the Quran and their translations.

(25 Ways to Deal with Stress and Anxiety
by Abdul Malik Mujahid)

selamat mencuba!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Petai makanan kesukaan keluarga

Petai kenapa cerita pasal petai. baru-baru ini saya telah memasak masak lemak petai yang telah dikikis kulitnya, (masakan orang negori). petai merupakan kegemaran keluarga dari abahnya hingga ke anak yang berumur 4 tahun. Bukan itu sahaja buah peta tidak asing kepada masyarakat Malaysia sebagai ulam dan penyedap rasa dalam pelbagai resipi masakan tradisional. Buahnya sama ada dimakan segar, dijeruk atau direbus enak jika dimakan dengan nasi. Petai juga dikatakan mengandungi khasiat dan boleh dijadikan sebagai ubat.

Khasiat petai

Berdasarkan kajian, buah petai yang berbintil-bintil pada papannya dikatakan mengandungi kadar protein dan lemak yang tinggi berbanding tumbuhan hutan yang lain, iaitu sebanyak 8 peratus, 11 peratus karbohidrat, 71% air, banyak mengandungi kalsium, fosforus, zat besi, vitamin A, B1, B2 dan C. Dalam perubatan tradisional Melayu, biji petai dipercayai berkesan untuk merawat penyakit jantung dan penyakit kencing manis, mencuci buah pinggang, serta untuk mengeluarkan cacing daripada kanak-kanak yang kecacingan.

dari segi saintifk nya

Dalam tiap-tiap 100 gram (g) bahagian yang boleh dimakan mengandungi: air 70 g, protein 10 g, lemak 1.8 g, karbohidrat 16.9 g, kalsium 126 miligram (mg), fosforus 3 mg, ferum 3.4 mg, natrium 11 mg, kalium 376 mg, vitamin B1 0.15 mg, vitamin B 2 0.2 mg, niasin 0.5 mg dan vitamin C 32.7 mg

Tapi awas lepas makan petai jangan lupa gosok gigi dan kalau pergi rest room tu jangan lupa semburkan perfume sebab bau petai ni menyegat.

Friday, June 13, 2008

rezi: doa-doa

rezi: doa-doa


Doa ialah satu ucapan permohonan dari hambaNya kepada Alllah dengan rendah diri dari hati yang jujur dan ikhlas bagi mendapatkan rahmat.Doa adalah satu ibadah. ia merupakan salah satu tanda kerendahan diri hamba pada Allah

Orang yang beriman selalu mendoakan:
“Wahai Tuhan kami, berilah kami kebaikan di dunia dan kebaikan di akhirat, dan peliharalah kami dari azab neraka”. ( Ayat 201 : Surah al-Baqarah )

Tujuan doa adalah agar kita dapat lebih dekat dengan Allah. Pada saat kita berkata kepada Allah tentang permintaan maaf atas dosa- dosa kita, mengucapkan syukur atas segala yang telah diperbuat.

marilah kita sama-sama berdoa pada allah. Berdoalah dengan penuh yakin dan harap agar permintaan kita dikabulkan. insyallah

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


dedel nama manja anak yang paling bongsu , pulang dari tadika selepas dah dua minggu cuti. dedel yang berumur 4 tahun setengah merugut pada Kak Lia (Bibik) katanya kak lia kenapa tak sayang dedel, dedel ni penat balik sekolah, tak rindu ke dekat dedel ,tak nak bagi dedel minum susu ke Itulah kata-kata nya minta belas kasian bukan apa untuk minta susu sebotol dan minta dipeluk. Mama akan sentiasa doakan agar kalian semua menjadi khalifah di dunia yang sentiasa mendekati diri pada allah serta berjaya dalam kehidupan dunia dan akhirat, amin

Saturday, June 7, 2008

harga barang semuanya naik!!!!!!!

Majoriti harga barang naik akibat kenaikan minyak. Ada yang mengambil kesempatan ini menaikan sesuka hati harga barangan. Ini masanya untuk kita merancang segala perbelajaan harian kita. Perbelajaan untuk barangan mewah perlu dipertimbangankan berkali-kali.

Berita Perdana TV3 membuat tinjauan di pasar borong chowkit dan selayang. rata-rata barang meningkat lebih dari 35%. Cili merah dari RM9 ke RM10. Seorang pembeli berkata dalam keadaan kegawatan ini , kalau dulu beli beras qualiti yang mahal sekarang beli yang murah. Sayur kalau dulu beli sekilo sekarang 1/2 kilo. Kata bibik saya "cik anna jum kita tanam ubi kayu susah-susah masak nasi campur ubi kayu lagi nyaman" Ada juga kebenaranya...

Harga minyak akan terus meningkat dan melonjak naik Apa akan jadi dengan ekonomi 2008?Rakyat akan terasa keperintan terutama seperti kita yang berpendapatan sederhana dan rendah. Gawat-gawat!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Bakal siswa-siswi UiTM

Pagi ini saya membawa alf dan myra ke klinik Uitm. Izzul anak jiran juga turut sama. Mereka telah diterima masuk sebagai pelajar uitm dan proces pertama adalah medical check up. Hati ibu mana yang tak gembira apabila dapat tahu anak-anak dapat menyambungkan pelajaran mereka. Terkenang saya waktu mendapat surat tawaran itm 23 tahun yang lalu. Betapa gembiranya wajah mak dan bapa. Waktu itu itm hanyalah dianggap kelas ke 2. Rakan-rakan yang lain memilih UM, UPM dan UKM atau USM. Masa dah berubah UiTM telah menjadi pilihan utama dalam melanjutkan pelajaran.

Alf yang bermati-matian ingin mengambil jurusan accounting, malah bukan beliau sahaja ramai lagi rakan-rakan mereka yang meminati jurusan ini. Kenapa ya, rupa-rupanya fakulti perakaunan mempunyai strategi misi akademik yang berkesan. Mereka ke merata-rata sekolah untuk mempromosikan serta menanamkan minat terhadap accounting. Syabas fakulti perakaunan.

Myra pula ingin memgikut jejak mamanya dalam bidang business study. Agaknya macamana silibus sekarang, pasti banyak yang berubah.

Anak-anak mama, ini baru permulaan alam pelajaran yang sebenar, lakukan dengan iklas dan jujur dalam menimba ilmu. Ianya ibadat dan sentiasa patuhi perintah Allah. Mama akan sentiasa berdoa untuk kalian.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Keindahan alam ciptaan Allah

Kids beposing habis
mak dan alf

Bunga dan lanskap yang indah dan segar

anna dan abang reza

Comeron Highland, Pahang, Malaysia

Paggilan telefon dari abang Reza (sulung) mengajak kami sekeluarga ke Cameron Highland ditolak oleh saya memandangkan saya dalam kesibukan menyiapkan thesis saya. Apabila dipujuk oleh anak-anak hati seoarang mama cair lebih lebih lagi cuti sekolah. Bersama mak tersayang, anak abang reza seramai 5 orang serta anak-anak saya seramai 6 orang perjalan bermula pada 2 jun hingga 4 jun 2008 (abah tak ikut main golf dekat nilai)

Kami bertolak pada jam 11 pagi dan tiba di Cameron Highland pada jam 2 petang dan kami menginap di rumah Homestay . Ingin merasa hidup dalam suasana kampung. Maklum sahaja kami dibesarkan di kuala Lumpur. Sepanjang perjalanan saya terpegun dengan ciptaan Allah walaupun ini bukan kali pertama saya ke sini.

Dan telah Kami jadikan bumi ini gunung-gunung yang kukuh supaya bumi itu (tidak) goncang bersama mereka..))(Surah Al-Anbiyaa': 31 )

(Terdapat kesan tanah runtuh, inilah akibatnya apabila manusia merosakkan dengan aktiviti pembalakan dan pembinaan)

Sambil asyik melihat keindahan alam, saya dikejukan oleh suara Ald (anak) yang mejerit keseronokan melihat “water fall” ( Lata Iskandar waterfall)). Teringat saya waktu kecil apabila bercuti bersama bapak, mak dan adik beradik beginilah tingkah laku saya apabila melihat “water fall” satu ketenangan yang menceriakan hidup saya.

Hujan yang rintik-rintik menghadkan lawatan kami. Kami ke Pasar Malam untuk membeli sayar-sayur yang fresh untuk menu malam. Alvie, tieha dan dedel (anak) terpegun melihat buah Strawberry . Menu untuk malam itu ialah Sayur canpuran sup, sambal belacan tomato dan ayam goreng rempah barbeque. Sesekali seronok makan ramai-ramai. “Sedap lah Cik Anna masak , celak anak-anak saudara, lalu anakku (Alf) menyampuk ” mama memang pandai masak tapi sekarang mama malas asyik kak lia (bibik) yang masak Aduhai anak-anak mama minta maaf atas kesibukan mama untuk menghabiskan thesis mama. Sikit lagi.ya.

Hari ke 2
Selepas solat,joging dan breakfast (kali ini giliran myra, anak yang menyediakannya) kami pun mula melawat tempat-tempat menarik

“Malaysian Agriculture and Research Institute's (MARDI) station” tidak dapat lari dari "cool and green enviroment" Agro-Technology Park Memang bagus bawa anak-anak bercuti disini untuk perkembangan emosi dan minda mereka. Mak pun sangat gembira melihat keindahann kurnian allah dan keletah cucu-cucunya

Kami sempat meronda-ronda di Tanah Rata, Brincang dan sempat singgah di Smoke House hotel.sempat juga kami memborong sayur-sayur segar , madu dan strawberry. Pagi hari ke 3 selepas sarapan kami bertolak dari Cameron Highland melalui jalan Simpang Pulai mudah dan selesa dan selamat sampai ke rumah


Cuti-cuti pun saya sempat mengarang thesis saya tiba-tiba idea dan kreativiti mencurah-curah. Alhamdullih banyak fadilatnya lebih-lebih lagi melihat wajah mak, anak-anak saudara serta anak-anak ceria dan gembira.