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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

'Last Lecture' professor, Randy Pausch, dies at 47


Sometimes getting through the experience of sharing your story for the last
time is the most difficult part of all. Randy Pausch, the Carnegie Mellon professor who became a YouTube phenomenon with his "Last Lecture," died on 25 July 2008 because of the omplications from pancreatic cancer. He was 47. He died at his home in southern Virginia.

Titled "Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams," the humorous and heartfelt talk was videotaped and quickly spread around the world via the Internet. Millions of people have since viewed it. It was delivered at Carnegie Mellon on Sept. 18, 2007, a few weeks after Pausch learned he didn't have long to live. Pausch also created a book from the speech, which has been translated into 30 languages. now more than 6 million people read his book

In the lecture he urged his students and colleagues to live life to the fullest. Among his words of wisdom:

•"Never underestimate the importance of having fun. I'm dying and I'm having fun. And I'm going to keep having fun every day because there's no other way to play it."

•"We can't change the cards we're dealt, just how we play the hand. If I'm not as depressed as you think I should be, I'm sorry to disappoint you."

"Good teaching is always a performance, but what Randy did was in a class all by itself," says Andy van Dam, co-founder of the computer science department at Brown University, which Pausch attended as an undergraduate. "His students responded to him as athletes do to a great coach who cares not only about winning but about the team players as individuals."

The last lecture.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

live right 4 your type


Saturday, 9th of August. I decided to bring the kids to KLCC via LRT. It was a great journey. Called mak and bapak for lunch at Signature. Got 2 books at Kinokuniya. Would like to share with dearest bloggers regarding this book '' Live Right 4 Your Type" by Dr Peter J.d'Adamo and Catherine Whitney. Over 3 Million Coppies sold worldwide.

LR4YT is divided into five major sections. Each section is so detailed and revolutionary that it could probably qualify as a separate book on its own. They are:

Genetics and Subtypology

Blood Type and the Mind

Digestion, Lectins and Toxicity

Blood Type and Metabolism

Blood Type, Cancer and the Immune System

Each section has between 3-6 subchapters and is extensively referenced. LR4YT is extensively prescriptive in nature, and introduces even prior readers of ER4YT to an entirely new spectrum of modalities and supplements that have potent, if different, effects on each blood type.

For example my Blood type is AB
Blood Type AB

Compassionate, empathetic and quirky, blood type AB individuals are best suited to a mixed, omnivorous type diet. Physically, type AB must concentrate on optimizing the health of their immune system and digestive tract. That's my big problem.

Type AB blood is rare – it’s found in less than five percent of the population. And
According to Dr. D’Adamo, “Type AB has Type A’s low stomach acid, however, they also have Type B’s adaptation to meats. Therefore, you lack enough stomach acid to metabolize them efficiently and the meat you eat tends to get stored as fat. Your Type B propensities cause the same insulin reaction as Type B when you eat lima beans, corn, buckwheat, or sesame seeds.” Inhibited insulin production results in hypoglycemia, a lowering of blood sugar after meals and leads to less efficient metabolism of foods.

Type AB should avoid caffeine (ie my favourite drink nescafe]and alcohol, especially when you’re in stressful situations. Dr. D’Adamo recommends that Type AB focus on foods such as tofu, seafood, dairy and green vegetables if you are trying to lose weight. “Avoid all smoked or cured meats. These foods can cause stomach cancer in people with low levels of stomach acid,” recommends Dr. D’Adamo. There is a wide variety of seafood for Type AB, and it is an excellent source of protein for Type AB. A few highly beneficial fish are mahi-mahi, red snapper, salmon, sardines, and tuna.. Some dairy is also beneficial for Type AB – especially cultured dairy such as Yogurt He also suggests that Type AB pay attention to combining certain foods. For example, you’ll digest and metabolize foods more efficiently if you avoid eating starches and proteins in the same meal.

Stress and Exercise

For a Type AB, when it comes to stress hormones, you most resemble Type O in your tendency to overproduce catecholamines like adrenaline. Yet you also have the additional complexity of Type B’s rapid clearing of nitrous oxide, so you suffer the physical consequences of high emotions. Your greatest danger is the tendency to internalize your emotions, especially anger and hostility, which is much more damaging to your health than externalizing it. Exercise plays a critical component in stress reduction and maintaining a healthy emotional balance for Type AB. Dr. D’Adamo recommends a combination of both calming activities and more intense physical exercise to help maintain an optimal balance. For example, three days of aerobic exercise such as running or biking and two days of calming exercise such as yoga or tai chi.


Type AB often receives mixed messages about emotional health. While you tend to be drawn to other people and are friendly and trusting, there is a side of you that feels alienated from the larger community. At your best, you are intuitive and spiritual, with an ability to look beyond the rigid confines of society. You are passionate in your beliefs, but you also want to be liked by others and this can create conflicts. In an independent study, Type ABs described themselves as emotional, passionate, friendly, trusting and empathetic. Type ABs are considered some of the most interesting of the blood types, both John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe were Type ABs and although both are long gone, they hold a place in our national psyche to this day.

Live Right!

Here are Dr. D’Adamo’s key lifestyle strategies for people with Blood Type AB:

1.Cultivate your social nature in welcoming environments. Avoid situations that are highly competitive.
2.Avoid ritualistic thinking and fixating on issues, especially those you can’t control or influence.
3.Develop a clear plan for goals and tasks – annually, monthly, weekly, daily – to avoid rushing.
4.Make lifestyle changes gradually, rather than trying to tackle everything at once.
5.Engage in forty-five to sixty minutes of aerobic exercise at least twice a week.
6.Balanced by daily stretching, medititation or yoga.
7.Engage in a community, neighborhood or other group activity that gives you a meaningful connection to a group.
8.Practice visualization techniques daily
9.Also carve out time alone. Have at least one sport, hobby or activity that you perform independently of others.
10.Break up your workday with some physical activity, especially if your job is sedentary. You’ll feel more energized

Recommended for pleasure reading!!!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008



2ptg. Hujan turun kejap lebat kejap renjai. Kuliah akan bermula jam 2.10. Ya Allah selamatkan perjalanan pelajar-pelajer ku dalam menuntut ilmu ini.Itu doaku seleaps solat Dzuhor. Moga maga ramai yang hadir

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kisah Bomoh yang diuji


Shikin adalah sahabat saya sewaktu belajar di itm dungun (1985-1988) Beliau sentiasa menghantar email yang berbentuk tauladan, nasihat dan cerita kehidupan. Kali ini saya ingin berkongsi ilmu mengenai topik bomoh yang boeh dijadikan iktibar

Kisah Bomoh yang diuji

Sebuah kisah antara saya dan bomoh....sekadar untuk
menguji sejauh mana syaitan dan kesesatan yang
dilakukan oleh mereka-mereka ini....

Saya telah mendengar kisah seorang bomoh yang handal
dalam mengenakan orang lain (dengan sihirnya) seperti
melingkupkan perniagaan orang lain. Bomoh ini amat
terkenal kerana sering berjaya membuatkan perniagaan
orang lain hancur....nauzubill ah...

Saya terpanggil untuk bertemu dan kononnya ingin
sekali melingkupkan perniagaan seseorang. Maka
terjadilah dialog sebegini antara saya dan bomoh
handal tersebut.

Saya: Semenjak perniagaan si polan itu dibuka, saya
lihat hampir setiap hari pelanggannya datang malah
kadangkala jumlahnya terlalu ramai...

Bomoh itu mendengar dengan teliti sambil
mengangguk-angguk kepala. (Aksinya seperti seorang
profesor sedang berfikir dan kelihatan handal).

Saya: Rasa sakit hati dengan perniagaan mereka dan
saya ingin tok bomoh lingkupkan perniagaannya agar
pelanggan beralih pula ke kedai sekitarnya pula.

Bomoh tadi berasa hairan lantas bertanya kepada saya,
"Anak ini berniaga kah?"

Saya menjawab: Tidak. saya hanya.......

Mendengar jawapan saya, bomoh tadi makin hairan.
"Biasanya jika orang berniaga sahaja yang datang untuk
melingkupkan perniagaan saingan tetapi anak ini
mahukan orang lain yang mendapat untung padahal anak
ini tidak berniaga sama. Mengapa pula begitu?"

Saya: Saya kasihan dengan perniagaan kedai makanan
lain. Sejak si polan ini berniaga, peniaga kecil di
sekitarnya kurang mendapat pelanggan. Saya mahu si
polan tadi lingkup dan pastinya pelanggan yang lain
akan beralih pula kepada kedai-kedai kecil ini.

Bomoh tadi mengangguk. Wajahnya nampak serius benar.
"Baiklah. Kalau anak mahukan pak cik lingkupkan
perniagaan mereka, anak perlu bawa barang-barang ini"
Lalu si bomoh menyebutkan peralatannya untuk
mengenakan sihir terhadap si polan tadi.

"Sebelum itu, anak kena dapatkan nama pemiliknya, atau
nama kedai sahaja sudah cukup. Biar pak cik ajar
cukup-cukup" .

Saya: Ada ...nama pemilik saya kurang pasti tetapi nama
kedainya cukup saya ingat...

"Bagus. Senang kerja pak cik. Apa nama kedai yang anak
hendak kenakan ini?" tanya bomoh tadi.

Saya: Err..McDonald dan KFC.....

Serta merta wajah bomoh tadi bertukar merah. Marahnya
bukan kepalang dengan saya. Katanya saya ingin
mempermainkannya tetapi saya menjawab.
"Saya benar-benar pakcik. Saya mahu membantu golongan
perniagaan kecil di luar sana . Kalau boleh tutup
McDonald dan KFC itu, tentu pelangan akan beralih
angin ke kedai lain...."( dalam hati saya tertawa besar)

Kemudian tidak perlu saya terangkan lain dan sekadar
saya katakan bomoh ini belum handal dan syaitannya
juga belum mampu melingkupkan perniagaan besar

Moralnya. ...mereka ini hanya bermain silap
mata. Sesungguhnya syaitan itu tidak berkuasa ke atas
sesiapa..... hanya mengunakan tipu daya sahaja...

Dan bagi mereka yang percaya tentang perkara
ini, kembalilah pada Allah dan atur semula perniagaan
yang pernah anda anggap sebagai dikenakan sihir oleh
si polan dan si polan lain.

Dengan ilmu kita boleh maju dan dengan ilmu (jika tidak digunakan dengan
betul) kita boleh lingkup juga....atur strategi
perniagaan dan amanah..InsyaAllah anda semua akan
maju..Wallahualam. ..

Maaf andai ada yang tersinggung
dan saya hanya insan kecil yang tidak mampu untuk
melakukan apa-apa kecuali dengan izinNYa...Allahuakb ar!

Saturday, August 2, 2008



Hari rabu yang lepas saya menguruskan satu insiden dimana pelajar UiTM (Fakulti Kejuruteraan Awan )kemalangan dan meninggal dunia di tempat kejadian. Hati saya sayu dan pilu melihat keadaannya. Keadaan arwah seolah-olah bersujud. Terbayang saya bagaimana keadaan ibu dan bapa menerima berita tersebut. Terpancar wajah-wajah anak-anak saya serta pelajar-pelajar saya lalu berdoa kepada allah selamatkan mereka dan panjangkanlah umur mereka. Saya bekerja sama dengan pihak polis menghubungi pihak fakulti serta pihak HEP. Satu perkara yang tidak sanggup saya lakukan ialah menghubungi ibu bapanya dengan memberitahu khabar berita tersebut.Keesokannya saya menghubungi PA dekan Fakulti tersebut arwah telah selamat dikebumikan di tangkak Johot. Alfatihah