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Thursday, January 15, 2009

actions speak louder than your words


I still remember bapak always said "actions speak louder than your words ". He always remind us to talk less and work more. He emphasized us to be an action oriented type of person. As result we learn how to solve problem in life and cope with it. He has a positive attitude whereby he added that " never look back but look for your future". This values runs in my four kids in educating them the real word of life now and after.

According to psychologists, parents are the most effective and reliable models for their children. Child learns many customs, ways of eating, communication, speaking, dressing by desire to imitate their parent. A child needs an example in their life in order to know what to do. What behaviour to have, and how to face difficulties.

The method used by Nabi Mohamed was the practical method. He act according to his words and because of that, his actions are one of the reliable sources in Islam called the Sunnah. He himself acted upon his words and instructions and used to train others to do the same in order to more effectively affect others.