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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

tips of the day

Life is full of egoistic people and what is actually egoistic people?.

In islam ego can be defined as:

Ego is the Essence or the extract of the villainous world. It appears in three major forms in man's body.

"Enjoining-unto-Evil" (Ammarah-b-Ssoo)
"the Accusing Ego" (Lawwama)
"the Ego at-Peace" (Mutma'inna)

In human study, ego can be described as:

Ego is a description that many people will not admit to having but others can see and feel the air of arrogance in their presence. These individuals who have an over inflated sense of self misunderstand the real meaning of confidence or are just plain ignorant. Having a certain amount of pride is necessary but being stuck up is intolerable. Nobody likes to be around someone who acts and thinks that he is extremely superior.

When a person has an over inflated ego, he can hardly go far. If he does rise, it won't last long. The main reason is because he can't get any cooperation from those around him. He is a not pleasant person to work with because he doesn't want to listen. It's a pity when people don't realize that their attitudes are driving away their career advancements and relationships (Richard Rose, 2008)

How then do you deal with egoistic people?

1.You can ignore, avoid or totally cut them off from your life. Why hang around someone who is self-centered and selfish?

2.You can try to interrupt his patterns of speech and behavior. But before you do that, make sure you are skilled enough or you are going to get annoyed.

3.If you are in a position where you can't get away from an egoistic person, you can just watch and become interested. Try to figure out what it is that is going on inside his head when he speaks or behaves.

4.What do you think is he seeing inside his head? Can you tell what is his intention? He is probably trying to feel important and to gain attention. He may not realize this at all.
5.You will have lots of fun doing this and will learn more about him that he does.

6.The best thing you can do for yourself is not to allow this type of people to make you angry and affect your life. Take control of your own thoughts, emotions, behavior and attitudes.

Since you don't like this trait in others, ensure that you don't develop it.

Survey result

1. just smile ever so lightly and look at them in the eyes. then hopefully when they stop....they won't continue. they just want to be heard. nothing more. (22% voted this statement)

2. Short of being a nasty person and telling him off, you should try to minimize contact with such a person.(18%)

3.Walk away from them, they will get the pic that you really don't care.(16%)

"Praise be to God, Who hath guided us to this (felicity): never could we have found Guidance, had it not been for the Guidance of God." (7:43)